"Now is the Time For WOMEN In Leadership to Move from a Place of Powerlessness to Be POWERful Beyond Measure®!"

~Karlyn D. Henderson, M.A.


What You Will Learn With This Book

Being empowered is a fundamental key to success.  If WOMEN are empowered, they can take advantage of the many opportunities available to bring good work into the world and make a difference. Sequentially, POWER can help you conquer the barriers that hinder. The POWER Factor for Women in Leadership is designed as a tool to help women get and use the amazing resource of POWER in their leadership, career, and life.

  • Pursue POWER

    Women in leadership have the amazing opportunity to impact decisions that affect their organizations, teams, businesses, and/or careers.  The magnitude of that success depends upon their ability to get and use POWER to achieve goals and desired results.

  • Change Your Thinking about POWER

    What you think about POWER is an essential factor in you claiming your power. However, we often operate in the dark about why and how we should claim our power. Owning POWER requires leaders to stretch themselves, which may include some discomfort, as they reach new levels in leadership and life.

  • Yes, Risk Owning Your POWER

    One of the things we need to confront as we grow and develop ourselves and our work is an increasing sense of personal power.  It can be tempting to powerless woman, but giving up your power is not the answer.

  • It Requires a POWER Strategy

    POWER is a necessary element of leadership effectiveness. The question is: “What are the real and practical strategies to use POWER to change, direct, or affect the behaviors of others without threats and the least amount of resistance?”

  • The Darkside of POWER

    POWER is neither good nor bad. It’s the motive of the individual(s) and how they use it. POWER can be used to for good for the betterment of others. However, power can be used for corruption and manipulation.

  • Watch out for POWER Blockers & Zappers

    It’s crucial to understand what stands in your way of claiming your power; as well as what are those things that will zap your power once your get it.  The POWER Factor helps you become self-aware of those things and/or people that hinder your success.

  • Be POWERful Beyond Measure

    Adopted from Marianne Williamson’s poem, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” It is not that you are not capable of owning your POWER, it is the fear of that we are capable of being POWERful. Selling ourselves short, is not what we were born to do in this world. We are born with a purpose, destiny, and the power to accomplish great feats where our light will shine brightly.  And if others can see our light shine bright, then their light can shine bright too!

About The Author

About Karlyn D. Henderson, M.A.

As a former Fortune 100 Leader and CEO of Poimena Consulting, LLC, Karlyn D. Henderson, M.A., has had real conversations about the challenges Women in Leadership face today around the complex topic of POWER. Many women find themselves in a powerlessness state although on the outside they appear to live a life of success, wealth, and contentment.

Ms. Henderson has over 30 years of experience in leadership and personal development in various sectors including corporate, government, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations.

Karlyn holds a Master of Arts Degree in Organization Leadership from Regent University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Jackson State University. Ms. Henderson resides with her family in Atlanta, Georgia. 


~Karlyn D. Henderson, M.A.



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Ever wondered why some WOMEN know how to make big changes quickly to achieve their DREAMS while others, maybe YOU, struggle to make a decision to start a simple project? Perhaps, you’ve seen women experience success in their career/business, become game-changing influencers in their industry/community, or take a tragedy and turn it into a million-dollar enterprise. 

This level of success is possible for everyone; however, too many women overlook the misunderstood concept of POWER because they don’t understand how critical it is to their career/business, or because they think of POWER as inherently self-serving or destructive.

POWER is neither good nor bad. Like gasoline in a car, power enables you to move forward, but it does not dictate the direction in which you may want to go.

The POWER Factor for Women in Leadership® Book champions women who struggle in powerlessness to pursue and constructively use POWER within their leadership roles, career, and/or life to master leadership, achieve success, and serve others.


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Claiming Your POWER, Using Your Voice, and Commanding Your Presence are NOT skills that come naturally - or easily - especially for WOMEN.

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