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Robert Davis, Business & Process Manager Robert Davis, Business & Process Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

Karlyn has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with. She takes a proactive role in dealing with others. She meets with clients to understand needs and then tailors the material to the audience.

LaTasha Brown, Director LaTasha Brown, Director, Jackson State University

Before the Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop, I didn't know what SMART goals were.  As the workshop progressed, I learned what my  strengths and what they mean to my leadership style.  The training made a difference in my leadership role because I can have better relationship with my team.  Ms. Henderson helped me to 'think deeper'. The content and the training were great.

Pastor Diana Elston Pastor Diana Elston, Word in Seasons Ministries

My ministry has an achievable mission and vision with clarity and obtainable goals. Additionally, my leadership team has direction and understanding of their roles and responsibilities for success.  We NOW know how to work together as a team with a sense of purpose.  Teamwork is our goal.

Crystal Carter Crystal Carter, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Like everyone else, I struggled with change.  As the change management training progressed I discover that change begins with ME!  Ms Henderson coached me to look at ME.  The major difference the training made for my team is that we have the power.  Overall the training is just what we needed.

Felecia Henderson, Project Manager Felecia Henderson, Project Manager, UPS

After my breakthrough session with Karlyn, I realize that I need to place more emphasis on my ideas and think them through based on what I want, how I need to move forward, and how long it will take. I need to put on paper what I want and put a timeline in place. Lastly, I need to realize what doesn’t work and how to correct it.

D. Peters D. Peters, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Well, I was challenged with fear of change in particular areas of my professional development.  As a result of the change management training, I had an ah-ha moment and a result, the training has made a big difference in my personal life and career.  Ms. Henderson taught me how to visualize my life without fear and now I can move forward.  Overall, the training was just right for what I needed.