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Small Business

Non-Profit & Association 


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Coca-Cola-Icon "Karlyn has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with. She takes a proactive role in dealing with others. She meets with clients to understand needs and then tailors the material to the audience."
-Manager, Business and Process Analysis; The Coca-Cola Company

 JulieKean_SilverCircle “In a consulting role, Karlyn takes direct responsibility to clarify issues and assumes responsibility to solve problems by offering solutions and alternative options.”
-Fountain Innovation Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

... GP-icon ... “Ms. Henderson enjoys the process of leadership and management.” The format of the training provided a great overview of teambuilding and the role of a team leader. I now know I can lead my team more effectively."
Strategic Accounts Manager, Georgia Pacific

Erik_Strom_circle2013 “Ms. Henderson is very professional and was a great asset to our organization.  She was able to quickly learn the team's dynamics, workflows and objectives. Karlyn interviewed each team member and created procedures which allowed the team to complete our [medical software] releases on schedule. She was a major contributor to improving the team's interactions and efficiency."
-Director of Research and Development Manager, Elekta, Inc.

"After my breakthrough session with Karlyn, I realize that I need to place more emphasis on my ideas and think them through based on what I want, how I need to move forward, and how long it will take. Also, I need to put on paper what I want and put  a timeline in place. Lastly, I need to realize what doesn’t work and how to correct it."
-Project Manager, UPS



  GSA-icon I struggled with anticipating change and as the change management training progressed, I realized I need to do a better job in recognizing opportunities and identifying where I am being complacent.  The difference the training has made in my job is that I will be more likely to ask for what I need and want as it relates to navigating change better. Ms. Henderson helped me to recognized a better method of dealing with change.
-U.S. General Services Administration

uscensus-icon "Before the change management training, I struggled with enthusiastically accepting change.  As the training progressed, I learned to take a closer look at change and now I can accept change in my personal life and find new ways to cope with change.  Ms. Henderson taught me to be a cheerleader for change."
-U.S. Census Bureau

DCCA-icon "During the change management workshop, I discovered that my attitude was impacting my feelings about my organization. The difference the training has made for my job is that now I have improved clarity about how to handle change. The training exceeded my expectations."
-Defense Contract Audit Agency

  hud-icon "I was struggling with taking action and now as a result of the change management training, I can set goals and take action upon my goals.  The training has a made a difference in my personal and professional life."
-Department of Housing and Urban Development

FEMA-icon "I learned so much from the change management training. Before the training, I struggled to change because I was like the character, HEM in the book "Who Moved My Cheese".  But now, I want to be like HAW.  My breakthrough came because now I can fight fear.  The difference the training made in my life, job and leadership role is that now I have confidence.  Ms. Henderson helped me to understand change.  Thank YOU!"
-Federal Emergency Management Agency

 CDC-icon1 "Before the change management training, I struggled with being fearful of moving forward due to the unknown.  As the workshop progressed I realized that to overcome the fear, I need to step out of that fear and work outside of my comfort zone.  This workshop really made a difference in my personal life, as well as made an impact on my career, leadership role, and my team.  I am now looking for opportunities to change and improve my work environment.  Ms. Henderson helped me prepare for any form of change.  The training meet my expectation."
-Center for Disease Control and Prevention

 FTA-icon "My ah-ha moment during the change management training was 'always anticipate change'.  Now, as a result of the training, my career is impacted because I now have confidence in my leadership role.  Ms. Henderson empowered me to be more open-minded."
 -Federal Transit Administration

 EPA_icon "Well, I was challenged with fear of change in particular areas of my professional development.  As a result of the change management training, I had an ah-ha moment and a result, the training has made a big difference in my personal life and career.  Ms. Henderson taught me how to visualize my life without fear and now I can move forward.  Overall, the training was just right for what I needed."
 -U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  CDC-icon1 "Like everyone else, I struggled with change.  As the change management training progressed I discover that change begins with ME!  Ms Henderson coached me to look at ME.  The major difference the training made for my team is that we have the power.  Overall the training is just what we needed."
 -Center for Disease Control and Prevention

FEMA-icon ... "After I read the book 'Who Moved My Cheese' I realized that I struggled with change and I was more like the character HEM.  Now, I'm moving towards the character of Haw.  As the change management workshop progressed my breakthrough came that I now can fight fear which will make a difference in my personal life, career, and leadership role.  Thank YOU, Ms. Henderson, for helping me to understand change better."
 -Federal Emergency Management Agency

 hud-icon Prior to the change management training, I was challenged with taking action.  As the training moved forward, my breakthrough came as I now know I need to set goals and take action upon my goals. This training made a difference in my personal life.  Overall, the workshop was good."
-Department of Housing and Urban Development

Higher Education


Dr.RosellaLHouston-Poimena I was struggling with branding and marketing myself as well as my expertise.  During the training, I discovered my main leadership talents and skills, essentially my worth.  The Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop has made a difference in my leadership role because I now have confidence in my abilities and leadership role. As a facilitator, Ms. Henderson helped me to 'define me'.
-President, Staff Senate, Jackson State University

LaTashaBrown-Poimena Before the Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop, I didn't know what SMART goals were.  As the workshop progressed, I learned what my  strengths and what they mean to my leadership style.  The training made a difference in my leadership role because I can have better relationship with my team.  Ms. Henderson helped me to 'think deeper'. The content and the training were great.
-Director / Adjunct Instructor, Jackson State University

JSU The difference the Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop has made for me is that I now have confidence in my leadership role.  Ms. Henderson really propelled me as I discovered some key points about my leadership style. Wow, the workshop really exceeded my expectations.
-Resident Hall Director, Jackson State University

GalinaBennett-Poimena I struggled with defining my skills clearly and concisely before the Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop and as the training moved in the direction of clarity, I learned the value of writing and planning.  This training made a difference in my leadership role by building my confidence in my skills. Ms. Henderson taught me the importance of understanding why I need a brand. The workshop's pace was just right and it met my expectations.
-Retention Specialist, Jackson State University

JerricaDavis-Poimena Bringing my thought together to develop my brand was my personal struggle before the Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop.  My resume looked like a sixth grade threw it together. My "ah-ha moment" during the workshop was it doesn't take a lot of stuff, but I simply need to focus on my strengths. I know that this training has a made a difference in my job because I now have confidence in my leadership ability.  Ms. Henderson truly help me bring it all together, as before I was all over the place.
-Admissions Advisor, Jackson State University

JSU The Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop helped me reach one of personal and professional goals. Before this workshop, I didn't know this specifics contents. The workshop exceeded my expectations and the pace was just right for my learning style.
-Senior College Coordinator, Jackson State University

 LavonyaJones2 "Karlyn is a wonderful professional! She is knowledgeable about her field and a professional of high integrity and wisdom. She is a wonderful resource that can quickly provide a solution customized to your business need. I highly recommend her services to any organization or female professional."
Regent University Alumni - School of Business and Leadership


Small Business

Natatlie_Elliot_circle2013 "Karlyn is an intelligent and motivated individual.  She is more than capable of consulting leaders to develop their skills to build character, increase competence, and connection through relationship building.  I strongly recommend her for your individual leadership development program as she has help med grow in my skill set."
-CEO & Therapist, The Atlanta Counseling and Sex Therapy Institute

Cathy_Moody_Circle2013 Very clear on delivery of subject matter (leadership and team building coaching workshop).  Karlyn broke down the material in a concise and organized way.  This is very achievable information and direction for my team.
-Team Leader, Southern Living

Fatina C Newman, CEO "Ms. Henderson's native intelligence for leadership development and organizational effectiveness is among the best I've seen.  She has the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to completion; guiding her clients through the entire life cycle process, on time and within budget.  Karlyn is a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of others through her integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in her clients.  I can confidently recommend Ms. Henderson for all of your leadership development and organizational design challenges."
-CEO, Charisma Fitness Productions, LLC

 Jessica_Gaines_circle2013  "I really enjoyed my coaching session with Karlyn and I found she to be very helpful with her question-asking style, career strategies, and forward-thinking suggestions. Her experience and background is highly evident, as she was able to not only understand my complex and diverse professional history, but also make key suggestions about growth, next steps, and areas of improvement."
-CEO, JFlyy Consulting

aplusmortgage-icon "The class had a lot of good tips for coaching (leadership and team building coaching workshop). Karlyn  was very knowledge and content was well versed."
-CEO,  A-Plus Mortgage

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 Non-Profit and Association 

Cheryl_Addison_circle2013 "I would like to thank you for your leadership consulting services. Starting a new chapter proved to have many challenges including building a new team and recruiting new members. I wanted to identify the needs of our leadership team and members.  Your recommendations allowed me to gain an overall direction for the leadership team along with training (a major component of the organization), lead effective meetings, and recruit speakers. I highly recommend your leadership consulting to women leaders and organizations looking for direction to take their teams to another level."
-President of Greater Baton Rouge Chapter, Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women

RhondaWillis, CEO, People Helping Strangers  "I was struggling with risk and rejection when I would approached a client which impacted achieving my goals and moving forward.  During the Art of S.M.A.R.T. RequestTM training, I learned to move beyond the obstacles and feel confident about the work I have to offer.  The difference the workshop has made for my leadership role is that I can achieve my goals with confidence.  Ms. Henderson helped me to make the changes I needed to make a difference in achieving my goals."
-CEO, People Helping Strangers

 clients-faith2 Faith-Based Organization
Linda_Cloer_circle2013 "Just wanted to thank you for the Women's Success Project with the FBA Heart and Soul Women's Ministry.  I personally enjoyed the time we had together to learn how we can develop the leadership team; and collectively, we are excited to see what God is going to do through you and this project.  I know this is just the project we need to gain clarity of our leadership roles and responsibilities.  Also, I know this was a great bonding time for the women's leadership team, where I know we now the importance of building relationships as a Christian leadership team."
-Director of Women's Ministries, First Baptist Church Atlanta

 Pastor_Diana_Elston_circle2013 "My ministry has an achievable mission and vision with clarity and obtainable goals. Additionally, my leadership team has direction and understanding of their roles and responsibilities for success.  We NOW know how to work together as a team with a sense of purpose.  Teamwork is our goal."
-Senior Pastor, Word in Seasons Ministries

 Augurie_E_Herring, New Beginnings Church "Karlyn, this was an excellent workshop (leadership and team building coaching). Please continue to led the Lord use you for His Glory. You are needed and valued in our community. I will certainly use what I have learned today  in my personal, professional, and spiritual life."
Leader, New Beginning Church

 LionofJudah-icon  "I really enjoyed the class (leadership and team building coaching workshop) and plan to implement what I've learned on my job and personal life as well. It was very informative and I received a lot of effective tips to implement."
Leader, Lions of Judah FW Center