Expectations for LEADERS are greater than ever before. In the midst of global pandemic and social uprising, challenges you face every day are complex. More so, the way you lead has changed the way you manage and engage your team.  You are confronted with a numerous of distresses, issues, and decisions that impact your team and the organization.

You require a resource — that understands business, your leadership goals, and what you are facing — with immediate access, before another critical moment passes.

Poimena Consulting is a resource for LEADERS, teams, and organizations to navigate through maze of decision making, problem solving, and achieving results. From emerging leaders, mid-level managers, to the C-suite, Poimena Consulting helps LEADERS work toward meaningful engagement within teams, build supportive systems, navigate diversity and inclusion, and scale new challenges.  Contact Poimena Consulting NOW to discover how we help LEADERS succeed.

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I support WOMEN LEADERS with impactful solutions to conquer personal, leadership, and spiritual challenges.

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Organizational Impact & Audiences




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    “In a consulting role, Karlyn takes direct responsibility to clarify issues and assumes responsibility to solve problems by offering solutions and alternative options.”
    Julie Kean, Fountain Innovation Manager (former)
    The Coca-Cola Company
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    “Ms. Henderson is very professional and was a great asset to our organization.  She was able to quickly learn the team's dynamics, workflows and objectives. Karlyn interviewed each team member and created procedures which allowed the team to complete our [medical software] releases on schedule. She was a major contributor to improving the team's interactions and efficiency."
    Erik Strom, Manager, Research and Development
    Elektra, Inc.
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    "I was struggling with risk and rejection when I would approached a client which impacted achieving my goals and moving forward.  During the training, I learned to move beyond the obstacles and feel confident about the work I have to offer.  The difference the workshop has made for my leadership role is that I can achieve my goals with confidence.  Ms. Henderson helped me to make the changes I needed to make a difference in achieving my goals." 
    Rhonda Willis, Executive Director
    People Helping Strangers (Non-Profit)
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    "I would like to thank you for your leadership consulting services. Starting a new chapter proved to have many challenges including building a new team and recruiting new members. I wanted to identify the needs of our leadership team and members.  Your recommendations allowed me to gain an overall direction for the leadership team along with training (a major component of the organization), lead effective meetings, and recruit speakers. I highly recommend your leadership consulting to women leaders and organizations looking for direction to take their teams to another level."
    Cheryl Addison, Executive Director (former)
    Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women, Baton Rouge
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    "I learned so much from the change management training. Before the training, I struggled to change because I was like the character, HEM in the book "Who Moved My Cheese". But now, I want to be like HAW. My breakthrough came because now I can fight fear. The difference the training made in my life, job and leadership role is that now I have confidence. Ms. Henderson helped me to understand change. Thank YOU!"  
    Team Manager, FEMA
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
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    "My ministry has an achievable mission and vision with clarity and obtainable goals. Additionally, my leadership team has direction and understanding of their roles and responsibilities for success. We NOW know how to work together as a team with a sense of purpose. Teamwork is our goal."
    Pastor Diana Elston
    Word In Seasons Ministry Family and Life Center
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    "Thank you for the Team Development project with the First Baptist Church of Atlanta's Heart and Soul Women's Ministry.  Together we learned how we can develop the leadership team; I know this is just the project we need to gain clarity of our leadership roles and responsibilities.  Also, I know this was a great bonding time for the women's leadership team, where I know we now the importance of building relationships as a Christian leadership team."
    Linda Cloer's Success Story with Poimena Consulting
    Linda Cloer, Women’s Ministry Leader (former)
    Heart and Soul Women's Ministry, First Baptist Church of Atlanta
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    “Before the change management training, I struggled with enthusiastically accepting change.  As the training progressed, I learned to take a closer look at change and now I can accept change in my personal life and find new ways to cope with change.  Ms. Henderson taught me to be a cheerleader for change.”
    United States Census Bureau
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    “After my [leadership] strategy session with Karlyn, I realize that I need to place more emphasis on my ideas and think them through based on what I want, how I need to move forward, and how long it will take. Also, I need to put on paper what I want and put  a timeline in place. Lastly, I need to realize what doesn’t work and how to correct it.”
    Project Manager
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    I was struggling with branding and marketing myself as well as my expertise.  During the training, I discovered my main leadership talents and skills, essentially my worth.  The Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop has made a difference in my leadership role because I now have confidence in my abilities and leadership role. As a [leadership training] facilitator, Miss. Henderson helped me to ‘define me’.
    Dr. Rosella L. Houston, President of Staff Senate
    Jackson State University
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    Before the Develop Your Brand: Discover Your Leadership Style Workshop, I didn’t know what SMART goals were.  As the workshop progressed, I learned what my  strengths and what they mean to my leadership style.  The training made a difference in my leadership role because I can have better relationship with my team.  Ms. Henderson helped me to ‘think deeper‘. The content and the training were great.
    Latisha Brown, Director / Adjunct Instructor
    Jackson State University
  • "Karlyn is an intelligent and motivated individual.  She is more than capable of consulting leaders to develop their skills to build character, increase competence, and connection through relationship building.  I strongly recommend her for your individual leadership development program as she has help med grow in my skill set."    
    Natalie Elliott, CEO and Licensed Therapist
    The Atlanta Counseling and Sex Therapy Institute
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    "Karlyn, this was an excellent [leadership and team building coaching] workshop. Please continue to led the Lord use you for His Glory. You are needed and valued in our community. I will certainly use what I have learned today  in my personal, professional, and spiritual life."
    Augrie Herring, Usher Board Leader
    New Beginning Church